My sister and I (Sockmasiblings) want to be as flexible and economical as possible with the shipping costs for this yarn. There are so many different combinations of numbers of balls, of eight different colours, needing to be shipped to so many different places across the globe, that unfortunately the PayPal Express system that this site is currently using just wasn't going to give us enough shipping options that would work in all situations.

We've hatched a cunning plan, however, and that is to charge a flat fee of £3.50 GBP, to ship up to nineteen 50g balls of the Sockmatician Edition yarn to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, with the remainder of the shipping cost being covered by a shipping surcharge worked into the price of each ball, depending on where the order is being shipped to.

UK orders will pay no surcharge, European Union member countries will pay a surcharge of £0.60 GBP per ball, and any other country will pay a surcharge of £0.80 GBP per ball, bringing the respective total costs of each 50g ball to £6.99 (UK), £7.59 (EU), and £7.79 (Rest of World). Then all that gets added to the cost of the yarn is the one-off fee of £3.50, to give you the total cost of your order.

Should you wish to purchase twenty balls or more, please , and we'll be happy to process your order by email or phone correspondence.

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