Oct 13, 2019

IMG_1511I am more excited than I can possibly express to announce the launch of my crowd-funding project, to raise enough money to write and publish my next book: DOUBLE-KNITTED BRIOCHE The evolution of a revolution (Working title).

The original plan was to launch this project back in the summer, and spend the latter part of the year, writing and designing for the book. Things transpired otherwise, and and it has st back my timings somewhat, but there has been a very welcome and positive outcome to what has been a very difficult time.

Initially, I thought that I would need to raise a figure close to £20,000 to be sure of being able to afford all of the expenses involved in writing a book. There is photography, layout, tech-editing, proof-reading, and all manner of unforeseen expenses that can bite you on the bum, not to mention the fact that I would also need to be able to support myself for the duration of the writing process. If my first book is anything to go by, I was writing the manuscript alone for that, for upwards of four months, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. It was a full time job. Then there was the time it took to get the actual book side of it  all pulled together. From  first putting fingers to keyboard to the day the finished documents got sent off to the printers was about seven months, and that was hectic and intensive to say the least!

Because of the generosity of the support that people have shown to me over the past two weeks, since putting out my video to tell my side of the story of what has been happening to me over the past three months, I find myself in the very fortunate and grateful position of not needing to raise anywhere near that much money. I can't tell you how thankful I am to each and every one of you who has bought one of my patterns, or a copy of my book, or a badge, or made a donation to support my work though my Ko-Fi page, since two weekends ago.

Not only have I felt supported and loved, but it has left me no longer worried about where the next months rent would come from, it has given me a head start in terms of raising enough money to cover the cost of the book. With that, and a revised budget, where I do a lot more of the work myself, rather than outsource many of the tasks to other people, I now believe I can get through the entire process needing nothing like the original figure of £20,000, but instead, I need to raise the sum of £12,000, to make it all happen. (That's actually only ten grand for the project itself: the other two are to cover the cost of the kickstarter fees, and card processing fees and such expenses that are inherent to the process of using crowd-funding websites.)

That's a massive reduction, and it's all thanks to your generosity so far. Thank you so very much!

Now, while it sounds like I am asking you to dip your hands into your pockets again, the reason I can do it with a clear conscience is because I am not asking to fund this project with more donations at all. Oh no.

IMG_1740The DOUBLE-KNITTED BRIOCHE eBook (for an eBook is what it shall be!) will be funded primarily through the medium of pre-orders.

That means that in order to get the book written, anyone who is interested in buying it further down the line can pay for it now, thus helping to support me during the process, but when the eBook becomes available, they will get their copy of the digital download without having to stump up a further penny. Cool, huh?

The way the kickstarter model works is that they recommend that project creators (people like me) add further incentives to people to encourage them to pledge more money to get the project funded, in the form of rewards, attached to different levels of spend.

I have worked really hard to come up with a selection of rewards (over and above the pre-order price of £25.00) that have a real feeling of exclusivity to them. The kinds of rewards I am offering are not going to be the sort of things you will be able to get under any other circumstances and include things like—

Well, actually, in order to find out about the full range, and indeed, to make your pledge, you're going to have to visit the project page on the kickstarter website, so why not click the following link right now, and check it out?:

So what is the eBook all about?

I'm glad you asked! Double-knitted brioche is a brand new and fascinating technique that I have pioneered myself. It is flexible and versatile, and differs from what I refer to as trad brioche in several quite significant ways.

Firstly, it is worked in one single pass, whereas its trad cousin is usually worked using two passes per row (one with one yarn, then you have to slide the stitches bak to the other end of the needle, and work as second pass over the same row, using the second yarn). DK brioche, then can halve your knitting time. That's worth the price of admission right there!

Again, unlike trad brioche, DK brioche is also one hundred percent reversible. Trad brioche does not create a fabric that is reversible at all, and while many people may not mind this, the way that people don't tend to worry that stranded knitting is not reversible, as a double-knitter at heart, I crave the reversibility that double-knitting can bring to the party, and you can only really find it in DK brioche, being, as the name suggests, actually a form of double-knitting, where trad brioche is not. Or at least, not really. The lines blur a bit, I'll admit that!

If you've ever been a little bit annoyed with your trad brioche decreases, because of those annoying little blips of colour disrupting the elegant lines of the brioche rib where two columns of knit stitches come together, you'll love this eBook. While you don't HAVE to work DK brioche with no colour blips, it is certainly possible to be able to go that extra mile, to eliminate them completely, and I will demonstrate a variety of different techniques within the framework of DK brioche to give the knitter as many options as he or she could want, to create the kind of finished effect they most desire.

IMG_9918But wait, I hear you cry. I spent ages mastering brioche, and now your telling me I have to relearn how to do it all over again?

Not a bit of it!

DK brioche isn't actually the sam fabric as trad brioche at all. Many people I have shown it to actually exclaim in amazement when I show then the two fabrics side by side, that DK brioche is so much neater than trad brioche. And it can certainly appear that way, due to how the yarnovers all stack up next to each other uniformly. I won't go too much onto the differences here—or there'll be nothing for me to talk about in the book—but you'll very soon be able to judge for yourself.

This book is not in any way about dissing the beautiful things that can be done with brioche knitting. Far from it.

It is, instead, about giving the knitter options about how they want their FO to look. And feel. And behave. 

It is also certainly true that you can take a brioche chart (for example from one of my hero Nancy Marchant's beautiful leafy scarf or shawl patterns) and without modifying it in any way at all, decide to knit it using any one of the SIX slightly different techniques I'll be exploring in the book, and come up with versions of the original pattern that are each made from a fabric that displays the different characteristics of the different forms of brioche that only recently came into existence. And are only now being pinned down into a coherent format within the pages of my upcoming book.

There will also be a host of exclusive patterns, specially designed to be made inn DK brioche, included in the book, so this isn't just some nebulous, random technique manual: it is also a rich repository of new content, showcasing exactly what can be done with this new and fascinating technique. 

It's a whole new brach of knitting, and it's just waiting for you to get your hands on it!

Can you tell how excited I am to be able to share this with you all?

I do hope you'll be excited too, and will be willing to pledge the cost of the eBook (or whatever else you would like to put in to the process—just you wait until you see some of the rewards!) and help to make this six-year dream a reality!

I'm hoping to have the eBook ready for release in May or June of next year. There's a lot to do, so I hope to be able to get started in a few weeks time.

The way kickstarter works is that unless you get the full amount needed for your project pledged within a certain timeframe, you don't receive a single penny.

My project runs out on the 11th of November that in just 30 days, so please, don't hang about. If you are interested in any of what I have been talking about, or if you like the look of the photos on this page, and want to have a crack at the patterns, which will only available in the eBook when it gets written, then head to my kickstarter page, and get pledging!

Thank you.

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