Sep 29, 2019

This is the most difficult video I have ever had to put together.

The past few months, with all the things that have been thrown at me, and all of the accusations that have been sent my way, have proved to be the most painful I have ever known.

There is no doubt that the experience has changed me irrevocably. How could it not?

This is my story. Told in my words. And when I say it is the truth, I mean it.

I hope that this will give a sense of balance to a situation that has been so heavily weighted in favour of the people who have been so determined to pull me down.

There is nothing that I can do or say to change the minds of the people who have decided that they hate the person they think I am.

I have to accept that, and not try.

This, then, is for everyone who has supported me unflinchingly, sending me their love, worry, and care in messages of hope and strength that have genuinely helped to keep me alive during the bleakest hours. My gratitude knows no bounds.

You deserve the truth.

So here it is...


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