This is the one-stop shop for all your Sockmagoodies!

Check out my exclusive and utterly drop-dead gorgeous Sockmatician Enamel Badges/Pins. There are three styles to choose from, so why not get one of each?

I'm delighted to now be selling copies of my book, GUYS KNIT, published by Haynes, directly from this website. Buy your copy from me today, and not only will you be supporting designers (who work very hard to bring out books, for very small returns), but—and this is a Sockmatician exclusive—you can also get your copy signed by me!

And of course, how could you possibly forget: my very own range of yarn is now available to purchase from this website. Moody Hues: The Sockmatician Edition comes to the Northern Hemisphere for the first time, so no more worries about massive shipping costs from New Zealand, where the yarn is made, if you live in the UK or Europe (although, of course, we'll ship it to anywhere in the world).