The Sockmatician Edition range is made from recycled fibre. This doesn't mean that it has already been made into yarn in the past and then reclaimed in some way, rather, it is made from the few kilograms of fibre that are haven't gone into the carding and gilling machines at the end of processing a large batch, because there isn't enough. Rather than waste that precious resource, which can be as much as eight to ten kilograms at a time, the good folks at Skeinz save it, and when they have enough end-of-batch amounts to make up a whole new batch, they work their expert magic, and blend the different fibres together in a way that will make something new and luxurious.

Because of this, it cannot be guaranteed that each batch of the Sockmatician Edition yarn will contain exactly the same mix of fibres blended together in exactly the same amounts, but we have a known recipe for it, and will endeavour to see that any further batches come pretty close to the yarn that you have now come to know and love.

The yarn on sale through this website comes from Batch Two, so please be aware that if you are purchasing it to add to yarn you may have already purchased from Skeinz directly, the likelihood is that you will have bought yarn from Batch one, where the composition of the fibre blend is slightly different. This has a knock-on effect on the dying process, so the exact colours will vary from batch to batch, as different fibres take up dye in differing ways. When combining yarn from two or more batches, it is advisable to alternate between balls every couple of rows to avoid a visible line across your work.

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