It won't be apparent at first, but there are actually two entities selling items on this website. Copies of my book, "GUYS KNIT, The Instruction Manual", and a variety of exclusive, Sockmatician enamel badges are available, as well my own yarn range, The Sockmatician Edition. The books and badges are being sold by me personally (with "me" being Sockmatician/Nathan!), but all Sockmatician Edition yarn sales on this site are being handled by Sockmatician's partner company, Sockmasiblings. That's the name of the new distribution enterprise that my sister, Sam (Sockmasister), and I have set up together, in order to be able to bring my yarn to the Northern Hemisphere, and let people on this side of the world take advantage of cheaper shipping costs than would be available to them if they were having their packages sent from New Zealand, where the yarn is made.

This means that there are actually two separate PayPal systems operating on the website at the same time. If you want to buy badges and books together, that's absolutely fine: they can be combined into the same order in any number or combination. Any yarn you might also like, however, will need to be ordered separately from the badges and books. You will need to choose your badges and/or pins, and checkout, and pay for them fully, first. Then you can go back and add any of the yarn that you want to your cart, and pay for that as a second transaction.

If all that sounds a bit complicated, just remember: badges and books in one transaction, yarn in another.

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