Hello to all my intrepid OSAATers!*

I'm delighted that you've stopped by - I love sharing the knitting knowledge that I've collected and discovered since I began knitting in 2011.

Since then, I've developed a lot of new techniques in the field of double-knitting, and I'm trying to push boundaries in other areas too, all the while holding true to my mantra that there need to be more patterns out there that will appeal to those of us boys who love to knit!

My main thing in designing tends to be more on the mathsy side of things, and I love letting my inner maths geek soar when I'm putting together a new pattern.

I host a regular knittingĀ podcast on YouTube, and frequently release video tutorials on my channel, demostrating and teaching people how to do some of the techniques used in my designs. Please subscribe to the channel to be kept up to date with new videos as they come out.

I'm a keen teacher of double-knitting, and often teach at yarn festivals, yarn shops or privately. I love to teach, so if you would like to set up any classes, please get in touch. I'm passionate about Demystifying DK, and letting people know that it really isn't frightening at all, and that if you can knit and you can purl, then you can do double-knitting.

You can find all of my patterns in my Ravelry Shop, available to purchase for instant download, so there's nothing stopping you from casting on something wonderful rightaway!

I also have a Twitter feed, and an Instagram account, where you can get regular shots of knitting loveliness. Please follow me on your preferred platform, and join in the conversation.

I also have a newsletter, and whenever I release a new pattern, that's the first port of call for letting people know all about it. As a little incentive for remaining a loyal newsletter subscriber, I always have an exclusive limited discount, so it's also the best place to get the pattern at the best price! (Don't worry: I have no commercial interest in collecting data, and will never sell your details to anyone else - you will also only get an email from me whenever I have something important to share with you.)

So I'm delighted to meet you, and I look forward to getting to know you better. Please say hi, on whatever medium you prefer, and I hope you you enjoy learning a bit more about me, and maybe knitting some of my patterns. If you do, please share pictures on my group, as I love seeing other people's work!

Best wishes, and happy knitting!


*OSAAT = One Stitch At a Time

Photograph by Will Atkins launch